Join the 12-week Break Free Program to literally change your life for the better.

Not only will you be able to make a noticeable change in your life within the time-frame of the program, but you also stand a chance of winning a signed copy of Break Free.

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Part 1

  • Week 1: Acknowledge your circumstances and fears
  • Week 2: Be brutally honest with yourself
  • Week 3: The secret powers of your reactions
  • Week 4: Decide on the change needed
  • Week 5: Don’t slow down
  • Week 6: Tackling the ghost from the past

Part 2

  • Week 7: Time to get serious (shifting mentality towards goals)
  • Week 8: Essential daily habits to acquire and how to set them in stone
  • Week 9: Religion vs faith
  • Week 10: Where faith fits in
  • Week 11: Transforming your life in real time
  • Week 12: What you must do when your expectations and goals are reached
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