This is not your Cinderella story.

This is the story of Ronèl Harris, a woman who was raped numerous times by her father; who, as a little girl, had to find coal in freezing temperatures to keep her siblings warm; whose first husband died in a horrible crash; who suffered several miscarriages; who rose above all the abuse and became successful; who found peace after forgiving her father for his terrible abuses.

This is the story of a true survivor, a strong woman and an absolute role model for any woman who wants to give up because of her circumstances.

  • Break Free is not only about surviving abuse. It is about knowing that your past does not define you and that you can make your dreams come true by mastering your story. Read it if you want to finally overcome the barriers you form in your own mind and conquer your story.

    Bathandwa Mcuba Author Of Creative Culture
  • Break Free is not just a book, it is not just a story of a young girl’s fight for survival. It is an essential powerful tool that you, by mastering the simple key elements, can use to make better choices in your daily life. A must read if you need to make changes and rise above your past to re-write your story.

    Shirley Anthony Author Of The NEW Entrepreneur
  • An Essential key to re-connect with the power within you, Break Free is a must read for every woman who wants to take control of her life and change her destiny.

    Sindi Zilwa Author Of The ACE Model
  • Hi Ronel, I have just finished the book, wow… I think that you have done an amazing job I cried probably through the last 4 chapters… I think that it touches every area of human development and ties in so strongly with my values and personally I found a message in every chapter even if I already knew, it was a great reinforcement. I think it summarises human emotion and certainly is a great read simple, clear yet, effectively thought provoking! Well done and thank you for allowing me to share in promoting what certainly is amongst the best motivational books Ive read, if not the best… and I have read a lot! There are sad parts but I like how you manage to bring forth the humor and the lesson so that there wasn’t time to feel pity for you.I think only in your weakest moments it was like you could connect with the character (you), but in a way where I (the reader) felt that I wanted to encourage you because I knew that you had it in you. Amazingly written you brought through your strength so nicely and yet even through your weakness one draws strength because we all know at some point its like the admission of the faults make you real not like dictating  I loved it thats all I can say, I love the quotes at the beginning of each chapter too and in between, Could not put it down.

    Louren Choudree
  • O my giddy aunt, so ... (reaches out and holds you close). thank you for making a difference in my life. finished your book last night and wow, I got the nudge I needed in more ways that one. You are a phenominal women xxxxxx picked it up and didnt put it down until i finished it it was the nudge I needed to let go of the rremaining crap in my life.  I cried my darling fir the first time in years and years I cried. I have bottled up so much in the last 5 years and I know how its affecting my dreams, your book made me realise how important it is to let it go. Thank you thank you thank you it was an awesome read my darling.

    Deborah Du Plooy
  • My dearest Ronel....I want to thank you from my heart for giving me the chance to read your book.....and for sharing this journey with have definitely touched my life in many ways...I am so proud to be part of yours…. you are such a wonderful inspirational and strong have also taught me to believe in myself...I am truely  grateful to also taught me to have values in life....and it was your honesty about everything that also touched me the most… you are one beautiful lady...God Bless....!!!!

    Doreen De Lange Waldeck


BREAK FREE lets you discover the importance of having dreams, faith and perseverance during dark times. The book serves as a wonderful example of how, despite the harshest trials, women can possess the courage to overcome whatever hardships life throws at them, that they can stand up for themselves and challenge limiting beliefs. It inspires women to become successful business owners, mothers and wives through the story of Harris, who did not let her dire circumstances dictate the course of her destiny. But most importantly, BREAK FREE is a reminder of how love can still conquer all odds, and that a life of freedom and triumph can be achieved through the grace of forgiveness and gratitude.

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In This Book You Will Discover…

  • The importance of having dreams
  • How to be Courageous
  • How to Persevere in dark times
  • The importance of Faith
  • How to keep Hope alive
  • The benefits of Forgiveness
  • How to live a life of Gratitude
  • How Love can conquer all

Don’t Let Your Dreams Die!

Learn How To…

  • Have a positive self-image
  • Deal with change
  • Make more of your time
  • Cope with grief and loss
  • Be a nurturer not just a parent
  • Forgive
  • Challenge limiting beliefs
  • Stand up for yourself
  • Make the most of what you have
  • Chase your dreams
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